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Eight Audio

We are a Leading Electronics & Speakers Manufacturing Company

The story behind the company

vanga shravanth reddy

With creation comes the story of the creator. There was once a boy, who loved music just like anyone else. In the city of Hyderabad, where we celebrate almost anything and everything, that to with sound on loudspeakers, Music has become a culture and a way of Entertainment.

Curious, but! Unimpressed by the quality of the amplifiers & speakers available in the market, he started purchasing and experimenting on a couple of other available brands in the market. Little did he know back then, that soon enough he would put together High-End speakers which will turn his hobby of customizing and building speakers into a business. He was 13 when he first built his own, by 16 he already produced speakers and amplifiers to the other OEM brands and local customers. He did his engineering in ECE, parallel to that he also learned sound engineering, and got certified. 19years and he is already a successful entrepreneur, providing and customizing speakers and amplifiers as per client’s requirements, designing the shape, intensity and its look, at different sizes. Automation and quality were added, soon after that, he is noted as one of the star rated seller in Online Stores.

“In 2018, a customer named [hidden], music Lover who is very particular about the quality of sound when it comes to audio. Already owning a popular branded speakers yet wants to add another set of high-end speakers to his house, learning about my speaker’s quality through What Hi-Fi reviews he approached me. Quiet surprised, to meet a 22 year at first, asked me to construct a pair of stereo audiophile’s speakers with a reference [one of the premium speakers in the market] which are way expensive to purchase. I did provide him the pair he wanted at a reasonable price, later the satisfaction and happiness my customer expressed is just wordless, making me suddenly feel responsible and cautious about my further creation to produce more better.


This is how it started, to try and make sound happen to any range possible at an economical price customers can pay” He says.

Well yes, you must have guessed it by now, it is Vanga Shravanth Reddy story. Feeling blessed to crack success at a young age.

In the past years, before starting big he did his ground study and possibilities to start his own manufacturing unit. He had an office back then. In the process, collaborated with SB acoustics Denmark for the speakers and R&D, Jantzen audio Denmark for crossover parts and other OEM brands. It finally fell together and it is now open, his journey in the process of trying to get the best clarity possible out of speakers, to manufacturing his own, where his passion now turned to a business idea and slowly learning it, his main aim now, is to provide best quality sound system to the customers at a reasonable and within the mean value.

That’s how our tag line fell in place
Experience The Finest.

About Eight Audio International

Established in 2012, By Vanga Shravanth Reddy solo proprietor & Trademark holder for Eight Audio.


AN ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Started to design and manufacture Amplifiers boards and Speakers for OEM companies, DIYer's, and used to sell online.


With huge positive reviews, We have collaborated with Sinar Baja electric (Indonesia) as drivers manufacturer to get Hi-End speakers to Indians with the contemporary product range. by marrying technology nuances and the design skills of SB Acoustics (Denmark) and Danesian Audio (Denmark).


Eight Audio a solo company turned in to Eight Audio International private limited company. by which we have expanded from 200 sq ft penthouse workshop to 5000 sq ft Corporate Office, electronics workshop with testing equipments, and 5000 sq ft of speaker cabinet workshop with CNC Routers, Panel Saws, Controlled Painting Booth.

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