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Crossover Coils

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Air Core Coils

We make the Finest Audio Quality Air-Core Crossover Coils with 99.98% Pure Copper and Wound on Precision CNC Winding Machines in-House.


  • Perfect Layer Winding

  • Low D.C.R.

  • Constant Inductance

  • Very Low Magnetic Striction Distortion

  • No Saturation Distortion

  • No Hysteresis Distortion


  • 99.98% Pure Copper

  • Tight tolerance of 2%

  • Available Wire gauges - 22 SWG, 20SWG, 18SWG & 16SWG

  • Temperature -25°C to 85°C

  • Insulation Temperature - 155°C

Proudly Made in INDIA

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