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Electronic Circuit

OEM Services

Under ISO Certified Quality Managment System, We offer wide range of OEM Services in Electronics, Audio Amplifiers, DAC, DSP & Speakers

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Product Design,

From Prototype to Production with our in house SMT Pick & Place Machines. 

Product Line: Audio Amplifiers, Pre Amplifiers, DAC, ADC, Audio DSP & More...

We make the Finest Audio Quality Crossover Coils with 99.98% Pure Copper and  Wound on Precision CNC Winding Machines in-House.

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Sound Speakers

Speakers Cabinets

We are Authorized Distributors for SB Acoustics in INDIA

Speakers Drivers Supply

We are Authorized Distributors for SB Acoustics in INDIA

Sound Speakers

General Specifications:

Material - High Quality MDF

Thickness - 8mm, 12mm, 18mm

Sizes - 2400mm x 1200mm

           2400mm x 600mm 

         600mm x 600mm


Finishes - Bare, 75 Wooden patterns, Custom Colour Painted


Cinema Theatres

TV & Film Production Studios

Recording Rooms

Conference Rooms

Convention Centres



Educational Institutes

Board Rooms



Reception Halls

Office Lobbies

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Perforated Acoustic Panel

Slotted Acoustic Panel

ea acoustic slotted.jpg
ea acoustic MDF slat.jpg

Grooved / Slat

Acoustic Panel


Acoustic panels

ea acoustic.jpg
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